“Whack fol the dah
Dance to yer partner
Round the flure your trotters shake
Wasn't it the truth I told ya
Lots of fun at Finnegan's Wake” 
― John Durnal

Finnegan's Wake

Finnegan's Wake is an Irish Pub in Pickerington, Ohio with a wide selection of craft beer and fine whiskey. Featuring live music every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from some of the best local bands. Stop in for a drink and a relaxing game of pool or darts.
We strive to provide a place where people can come to enjoy a good drink in a friendly atmosphere. WE have expanded the draft beer selection by adding 6 additional taps. We added additional cooler space to allow us to carry over 30 more craft beers in bottles and cans. We have increased the liquor selection and added many top shelf bourbon, scotch, and irish whiskey options. We have also added a martini list and have a wine list in the works.
841 Hill Rd N

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Our Story

We have lived all over the United Sates.  Everywhere we went, we were always able to find that comfortable little pub where we could go and relax and have a good cocktail or beer.  When we moved back to Ohio back in 2002 we considered owning a place of our own.  We looked off and on at places that were available, but nothing seemed to fit our needs.  In 2014 while looking through some business listings, we saw Doolin's Pub for sale.  We had always liked the pub and decided to make an offer on it.  The details were finalized and Finnegan's Wake was born.

Many people ask us about the name 'Finnegan's Wake'.  The name comes from an old Irish folk song written around 1850 and generally attributed to John Durnal.  It is also the title of a book written by Irish author James joyce in 1939 which has been called one of the most difficult works of fiction in the English language.  I have always loved the song and when it came time to name the pub, It seemed to be a good fit.  There are other pubs named Finnegan's Wake, notably one in Edinburgh Scotland that a colleague of mine frequented while attending Edinburgh University.  It was his suggestion for the name that ultimately sealed the deal.


While deciding what we wanted Finnegan's Wake to be, we considered many things.  We eventually decided that we wanted our pub to be a friendly place where people can come together and enjoy a good drink, whether it be a craft beer, a cocktail, or a fine whiskey.  We have expanded the beer and whiskey selection immensely and continue to try to provide a wide variety to suit all tastes.  We also wanted to provide quality entertainment by local musicians.  We currently have live music three days a week and are considering adding a fourth day for our country music fans.


Come and relax. Listen to great music, enjoy a couple of drinks with your friends or colleagues. and experience Finnegan's Wake for yourself.

James and Andrea Crutcher